Core Values

Core Values

All human rights, advocacy for peace through inclusive, compassionate, informal and formal education; intercultural understanding through communication and sustainable support that will allow society to evolve peacefully and prosperously.


Short – term

  • Start a Les Passerelles Globale pilot project in Accra, beginning August 30th, 2020 based on of one of our objectives.
  • Support schools by offering:
  1. After school educational activities
  2. French tutorial
  3. Saturdays programs
  4. French in Kindergarten
  • Integrating ECOWAS migrant communities into the host country.

Long – term

  • To repeat this model to the other fifteen regions of Ghana, using the experiences gained from project one.
  • To deliver continuously reliable services and resources to upgrade the method of teaching, communities need.


  • Our core services will be in three-part:
    • Social culture
    • Charity or goodwill services
    • Eclectic educational services
  • Community organization: providing services to locals who have limited access to language proficiency in French or English.
  • Ensuring functional French competency in professional fields such as the medical field.
  • Building bridges with daycare providers who are the key to Ghana’s making good on French language competency through the grades.
  • Providing instructors and teachers who are certified as French Second language teachers.
  • Organizing Summer Camp for French total immersion.
  • Facilitating teacher’s certification to teach French as a Second Language.
  • Work with other NGOs to ensure sustainable goals and objectives
  • Fundraise as a means of ensuring our financial viability


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